The Sentinels of Confucius

Scenes from the Confucius cemetery, a forest of several square kilometers in Qufu, his birthplace. To be in a grave mound here, you need to meet two conditions. You must be a) dead and b) a lineal male descendent of Confucius himself. There are 77 generations buried here. 

China has been the Middle Kingdom for thousands of years, and among these ancient slabs we felt like we were in Middle Earth. 


About lloyddan

Professor, Trinity College, Connecticut, but living in Tianjin, China, until July 2011
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2 Responses to The Sentinels of Confucius

  1. Elise Croteau-Chonka says:

    These pictures are phenomenal!

  2. ellynz says:

    Amazing pictures! I know I am way behind but I’m catching up slowly, loving every minute of reading and all of the photos.

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