UFOs over China!

In case you thought I was making up all those alien abduction stories, the other night I witnessed the mother ship lifting off for planet Zircon.  By day the saucer is cleverly disguised as a TV broadcasting tower, which we can use as our air quality index.  Below are three morning views from our window.  The picture in the middle has been typical.  The left was taken today — a trend, I hope.  Zàijiàn!


About lloyddan

Professor, Trinity College, Connecticut, but living in Tianjin, China, until July 2011
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One Response to UFOs over China!

  1. Sarah says:

    Ah, they have convinced you it is the air quality–clearly the ship is able to become invisible at will. When we lived in Seattle we used Mt. Rainier as a measure of cloudiness. The collective agreement was that if you could see the entire mountain (no clouds at all) everyone should stay home from work and get out hiking since clear days were so rare.

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